Through A Tumblr, Darkly

I am a 22 year old male hailing from Virginia Beach, Va. I can't swim and I was stung by a bee in Kindergarten. Get to know me, I like to think I am just as interesting as I know you all are. All questions will be answered and I always follow back.

I’m still alive

I have found some pretty interesting people on here at random using google, so I’m back on tumblr.


I’ll be back on here when I get to VA.

The time feels right for it.

Mainly I’m just curious as to what kind of mischief you people have been getting into.

Instagram Flow Now

find me, follow me, and all that jazz. I will return the favor, in spades no less.



What is this place?

This place of tumblings.

pixelblock asked: Hello ! I have been trying for a good week to find a useful reference picture in order to try and create the "Seven Samurai" request for you, but unfortunately no good reference images have come up. I wish I could do the groupshot for you, but without a good source image I can't really do much. Terribly sorry.

Perhaps these would help…but otherwise I understand completely.

pixelblock asked: It took a little while, but pixel versions of Lone Wolf and Cub are now up on the blog !

Sorry for the very delayed reply….Thanks!

Tuesday, 12:01 a.m.

I will be glued to my TV, with eyes bloodshot and fingers crippled.

Borderlands 2, from this point, will be the only game I play for a while.

I am pretty excited about it.


time to head upstairs.

It’s pretty nice when the house is empty, but as soon as everyone gets home it just gets very irritating.